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Staff Complaints:

Staff complaints will normally be raised:

  • through the Departmental Consultation process or
  • via Principal Teacher or
  • direct with the DHT or HT.

If the complaint is about a member of the Senior     Manager Team, Union  and/or Area Education Office     representatives will become involved through agreed    procedures.

Parental Complaints:

Complaints regarding staff, aspects of the school or pupil welfare:

These should be made to -

Mr Paul Milton, Head Teacher
or to
Mr Alan Bruce, Depute Head Teacher.

Phone: 01456 459134

Parental complaints regarding the Depute Head Teacher, these are made to the Head Teacher.

Parental complaints regarding the Head Teacher, these should normally be referred to Area Education Office.

Education Officer: Veronica MacKay
Phone: 01463 663800

Complaints are normally investigated and written feedback provided as appropriate within five working days or in agreed timescale should further investigation be required.

Pupil Complaints:

Pupil Support - Guidance Teachers will normally deal with pupil complaints unless, in their professional judgement, the matter is more appropriate to hand over to the Depute Head Teacher or the Head Teacher.

Any matter involving potential Child Protection Issues is automatically referred directly to the Head Teacher as the designated Child Protection Officer. Such matters are reported for investigation to Social Work or Police Colleagues as per the Highland Council policy.

Complaints from pupils may result in parental contact. Resolution may be informal depending on discussions with the pupil raising the concern/complaint, however these will be logged in the Pupil's Personal Record.

Correspondence with parents by letter may be used if appropriate.

Pupils should however feel free to speak to anyone that they feel comfortable with to raise concerns.

Contact Details:


Mr Paul Milton
Head Teacher
Glen Urquhart High School
IV63 6XA

Phone:  01456 459134
Fax:    01456 459229

Area Education Officer:

Veronica MacKay
Phone: 01463 663800

Complaints procedure.

Although we try our best to resolve issues and to ensure that we are giving of our best, there may be times where pupils, parents or staff wish to complain about an aspect of our school.

When pupils, parents or staff are not happy with the school in some way, they should normally follow the procedures outlined opposite.