Our school aims reflect the Highland Council Vision for Children.
We aim to ensure that all children are: -

SAFE: be protected from abuse, neglect and harm by others at home, at school and in the community.

HEALTHY: having the highest attainable standards of physical and mental health, with access to suitable healthcare and support for safe and healthy lifestyle choices.

ACHIEVING: being supported and guided in their learning and in the development of their skills, confidence and self-esteem at home, at school and in the community.

NURTURED: having a nurturing place to live, in a family setting with additional help if needed or, where this is not possible, in a suitable care setting.

ACTIVE: having opportunities to take part in activities such as play, recreation and sport which contribute to healthy growth and development, both at home and in the community.

RESPECTED AND RESPONSIBLE: children, young people and their carers should be involved in decisions that affect them, should have their voices heard and should be encouraged to play an active and responsible role in their communities.

INCLUDED: having help to overcome social, educational, physical and economic inequalities and being accepted as part of the community in which they live and learn.

To this end, we aim:

• To provide a place of continuing education within which each pupil will participate in a range of learning opportunities designed to develop the basic skills, knowledge and understanding required by contemporary society.

• To ensure that each pupil has an awareness of the possibilities available to him/her within society and the responsibilities required by society of him/her.

• To develop an atmosphere in which self-discipline and awareness of and responsibility to others will flourish.

• To develop a cohesive structure of courses and activities that will allow different needs, abilities and skills of pupils to develop to their fullest extent and encourage students to make reasoned decisions for themselves.

• To maintain effective communication with parents concerning the progress of individual pupils and of the school.

• To provide a secure and happy environment within which staff and pupils can work together to achieve their aims.

• To maintain effective staff development for all staff working within Glen Urquhart High School. We aim to develop leadership and partnership at all levels in working collaboratively and collegiately.

• To actively promote a healthy approach to lifestyle for all persons involved with Glen Urquhart High School.

• Glen Urquhart High School aims to provide a high quality secondary education through fostering personal development & health and fitness, encouraging equal opportunities and seeking continuous improvement in academic attainment at all levels, whilst also recognising achievements in all areas.

• As part of our continuous improvement agenda, a quality assurance system based on self-evaluation is being further developed. Staff, parents and pupils will be asked to make significant contributions.

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The old school building was built in 1877 and made up to secondary school status in 1893 on the appointment of Mr Benjamin Skinner as the new Head Teacher.

Glen Urquhart became a senior secondary school in 1945 serving all pupils in a wide catchment area ranging from Cannich in the West to Fort Augustus and Dalchreichart in the South-West. It was formerly known as Glen Urquhart Senior Secondary School and was, in pre-comprehensive days, the centre for all elementary and advanced schooling for pupils ranging from five to eighteen years old. It is now a 6-year comprehensive secondary school.

Pupils come to the school at age twelve and may leave at sixteen on completion of the compulsory four year stage of secondary education, or at age seventeen/eighteen if they wish to follow advanced courses to the Higher levels of the Scottish Education system. From S4 to S6 pupils may study for a wide variety of national courses at National, Higher and Advanced Higher levels. The school presents for all major subjects as well as a wide variety of other subjects including Spanish, Skills for Work, Enterprise Activity and many more. These courses open up the school as a continuing centre of education for all intending students in this area.

Glen Urquhart High School is proud of its academic record. The school exists in an extremely exciting period in Scottish education where there are a number of new opportunities and initiatives ongoing. New subjects are appearing on the school curriculum, e.g. Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Practical Craft Skills, etc. Parents are always made welcome in school. Teaching methods are changing, reflecting changing social needs and aspirations. The content of the taught curriculum has been in a major period of change to meet the requirements for the 21st Century.

Indeed at this new and exciting time in the life of Glen Urquhart High School, staff and pupils are engaged in developing new ways in which the use of ICT (Information Communications Technology) can enhance all aspects of learning and teaching. The school and the community warmly welcomed the opening of new Glen Urquhart High School in August 2002 and with it, the commencement of a new era in education in the area served by the school. But in spite of major and rapid change, the essentials of a good school remain unchanged. Children must feel secure. They must be challenged, encouraged, praised, but they must learn that success is earned and that everyone has the seeds of a happy and contented life within themselves. Indeed the notion of a philosophy of life must be an integral part of school life. These are the principles of our educational philosophy and it is our intention that the planning and implementation of all activities in the school support these major aims.