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Welcome from the Head Teacher

This prospectus will give you a flavour of what our school has to offer as well as allowing you to become more aware of our systems regarding organisation and day-to-day administration.  It is only one of our methods of communication.  Personal contact between home and school is seen as a vital link in ensuring the wellbeing and progress of our young people. Newsletters, letters, leaflets and the website all complement the prospectus in providing information to parents.

All parents are members of the Parents Forum.  Please try to help us in any way you can via the Parents’ Forum or Parent Council which represents the views of all parents.

Since moving to our new building in August 2002, we have continued to try to build on a long and successful history of secondary education in Drumnadrochit, one which stretches back to 1893.

Our results continue to be the envy of many schools.  Each year group of pupils is, however, different.  Continued success requires continued significant effort from staff and pupils alike.  We also recognise the important role parents need to play in achieving success and encourage all parents to support us in our efforts.

We recognise that all pupils have their own needs and interests.  Every pupil in our school will be supported so that in partnership with staff and parents, they achieve their full potential.

We are a small school – but our ambitions are enormous! Please help us in our efforts in striving towards excellence in all we do.

Welcome to Glen Urquhart High School.

Donald MacRae
Acting Head Teacher