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Transfer from Primary

There are well established procedures to ease the transfer from primary to secondary school. Most new pupils transfer from one of our associated primary schools: Balnain Primary, Cannich Bridge Primary and Glenurquhart Primary.

We begin our transition process as early as October with termly events and activities to help integrate our P7 pupils into Glen Urquhart High School life. To help allay any fears or apprehension, we have a four-day visit by all Primary 7 pupils coming to Glen Urquhart High School in June. There is also an opportunity for all parents of Primary 7 pupils to meet senior staff from Glen Urquhart High School during an information evening on one of these days. Details about these arrangements will be sent to parents of Primary 7 pupils via our associated primary schools.
Our Guidance and Pupil Support staff will ensure all new pupils are supported in settling in quickly.
Transfer from another Secondary School

Parents of pupils transferring here later in the session, should telephone the school to enquire if space is available and thereafter make an appointment our Depute Head Teacher who will then meet parents and pupils, complete all enrolment procedures, arrange for a tour of the school, and arrange a mutually convenient starting date.
Placing Requests

Each school serves its own particular catchment area.  Pupils whose homes are located in that area will have priority in being allocated a place in the school.
If children live outside our catchment area, then parents must first make a Placing Request application to the South Area Education Manager at Highland Council HQ in Inverness. Parents  whose children are in our associated primary schools, as a result of a placing request, are reminded that they have to make an additional placing request if they wish their child to attend Glen Urquhart High School. Parents who move out of our catchment area but wish their children to remain at the school also need to make a placing request.
Transportation to and from school, for placing request pupils, is a parental responsibility.