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Pupil Voice is very important in decisions that involve and affect them.

How do we consult with pupils and take account of their opinions and needs?

We have a wide range of ways to consult with pupils and take aboard their opinions, experiences and needs. The two main methods at this time are pupil focus groups and whole-school consultations.

Pupil participation can happen in a variety of ways. Some of these are:


  •        Fundraising, links with charities and with the wider community
  •        Improvements to the school environment (e.g. school buildings, playground, toilets)
  •        Involvement with planning extra-curricular activities
  •        Involvement with planning, reviewing and implementing school policies
  •        Involvement with School Development Plan
  •       Consultation mechanisms such as surveys and suggestion boxes

Benefits of Pupil Participation

  •         Improved pupil engagement and its impact on well-being, behaviour and learning
  •         Improved pupil-staff and pupil-pupil relationships
  •        Policies are based on the needs and suggestions of pupils and are therefore effective
  •        More inclusive schools, where all pupils are encouraged and supported to contribute
  •        Increased opportunity for pupils to develop personal, social and communication skills.