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Our Bus Monitors are Senior Pupils who have one of the most challenging leadership roles in the school. Bus monitors are mostly chosen by their peers and begin their training in third year . They make sure that behaviour on buses is of a high standard. Their main duty is to help to maintain an orderly, safe environment and they lead by example.


Bus monitors to have their Monitor Badges on their possession at all times, when on the buses AND be in school dress code with school tie.


S6 bus monitors who have a study period, block 6, should be at their bus stance by 3.30pm to monitor the queues.

Bus monitors to introduce themselves to the bus drivers and show their monitor badges to the driver. Once the driver gets to know you there will be no need UNLESS a new driver takes the bus in which case you should again introduce yourself and show your badge.

If Bus Monitors do not board at the first stop in the morning then when they do board they should ask the driver if there were any problems prior to the monitors getting on the bus or any problems AFTER they left.

Monitors should be seated on the back seats of buses AND in the middle in order to have an overall view of all pupils. However it would be useful to have some spread throughout a deck of the bus particularly if there is enough monitors.

Monitors should agree amongst themselves, on the double decker bus, an equal number of monitors downstairs as upstairs, particularly when a monitor is absent from the bus for whatever reason. At least two monitors on each deck.

To make sure that behaviour on buses is of a high standard. The main duty is to help to maintain an orderly, safe environment.  You must lead by example in this respect and monitor and look after the queues at 3.35pm.

Report any poor behaviour to the Senior Leadership Team.

Report any urgent bus problems to the Senior Leadership Team, especially in relation to bullying or behaviour which may result in safety issues. It is particularly important to keep a careful look out for pupils in distress and to be vigilant about incidents that appear to be bullying.

Explain to any person who is not a school pupil (including former pupils) that attempts to board the bus that it’s for school pupils only and inform the driver.

Report any bus operational problems to the Senior Leadership Team.

Make sure there is an area at the front of the bus ‘reserved’ for ‘new’ S1 pupils in August and allow then to be at the head of the queue for the first two weeks at the start of term

Please only request pupils to follow the code.  This is best done with a quiet word in the first instance.  If this does not work then warn them that any further incident will be noted on the Bus Incident Report Form. Most pupils will welcome being led by example.  Taking the law into your own hands is neither desirable nor effective. You will get 100% support if a pupil refuses to obey reasonable requests to behave or to carry out an instruction. Any abusive behaviour towards you by younger pupils should also be reported to  the Senior Leadership Team.