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Study Support

Throughout the year departments offer tailored study sessions during lunchtime or after school for focused revision on subjects. Pupils will have to arrange their own transport home after school.

Easter Study Club

Each session the staff at Glen Urquhart High School offer Easter Study Days for senior pupils during the Easter Holidays.   These courses are designed to give S4/5/6 students some extra assistance in preparing for their National/Higher/Advanced Higher examinations.

What does Easter Study aim to provide?
  • Tuition from experienced teachers
  • Revision of key concepts and topics in exam subjects
  • Tutoring in refining exam techniques
  • Access to teachers for more in-depth help with particular difficulties in a topic area.
  • Provision of supervised study facilities
  • Access to books and some technological resources.

Taking part in Easter Study will help to increase your son or daughter’s confidence, boost their morale and increase their chances to gain better qualifications. 
There is no charge for the Easter Study Club.