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Learning French and German throughout the Broad General Education phase provides pupils with many opportunities:
  • To see the world from a different cultural point of view
  • To explore vocabulary and grammar
  • To develop conversation and presentation skills
  • To improve their reading and listening
  • To become more self-confident and aware of the society they live in
  • To be challenged academically

All pupils are given the opportunity both to build on the French they have learnt at the Primary stage, and to start a second Foreign Language, German. We have a strong partnership with a school in South Germany and there are regular opportunities to exchange letters, information, pupils and staff between the two countries, thus providing direct experiences of a different culture.
At the end of S1 pupils will be asked to choose whether they wish to concentrate on French or on German in S2.

Pupils concentrate on one of their languages, working first at Level 3 and moving on to Level 4/National 4 in the course of S3. A third language, Spanish, is also available at this stage. In S4, pupils continue studying towards the SQA National 4/5 qualifications.

A number of options are available during the final years of study: National 5, Higher in French and German, and Spanish, as well as Advanced Higher in French and German.

A very wide range of teaching resources are deployed, ranging from more traditional textbooks with recorded texts in the Foreign Language to journalistic and literary texts, films, film/video clips and realia from the countries concerned. Pupils learn through individual, pair and group activities that are aimed at engaging interest and ensuring real understanding.