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All S1-3 year pupils follow a common BGE course. For part of their 55/110 minutes per week, they develop practical skills in:

  • Keyboard
  • Guitar/Bass Guitar
  • Ukelele
  • Drum kit
  • Voice
  • Tuned Percussion.

Performance skills are developed on a solo and group basis. Additional course elements include Understanding Music focusing on the cultural influence, and history of music, Musical Literacy/Theory and Composing Skills where pupils take the creative lead in developing their own original pieces of music. This may lead to SQA presentation at National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher during S4-6.

String, brass and piping tuition is offered in associated primary schools and these pupils will be able to continue their lessons when they move into the High School.

Extra-curricular opportunities run at lunchtimes and after school where pupils can opt to take part in orchestra, band, choir and musical theatre activities.  All pupils are encouraged to take part and the majority are involved in our many public performances throughout the year, including our Senior Citizens Christmas Party and Showcase.